Love Data. Keep writing & learning

I’m an Engineer passioned about Big Data and Cloud Computing. Apache Spark, Apache Arrow, Apache Druid, Big Query, Dataflow and all theses services and technologies are my fuel to keep learning and giving the best. Giving back to the community is important for me so I’m active in my community, also I write technical articles in Google Cloud Community, Towards Data Science, DataSeries and Analytics Vidhya

I’ve worked as a Data Analyst, Data Engineer and Data Architech for several companies like BCP, BBVA Peru, Banco Falabella and Banco de la Nación. Actually I’m Senior Data Engineer at Intecorp where I work closely with Google Cloud Technologies. I’ve got the Associate Cloud Engineer and Professional Data Engineer Certificacion from Google Cloud, and Apache Spark Developer from Databricks.

I hold a Bachelor in System Engineering from UNMSM and a Master’s Degree on Project Management from the University of Barcelona. My journey into the Data world began when I was awared a scholarship to study Big and Open Data in the Complutense University of Madrid. Two years later I new challenge came I got admitted to the MIT Deep Technology Bootcamp. This journey never ends.

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