My Work

I’m enjoying the journey and giving my best each time.

My Article was reference by the Book Learning Spark (2nd Edition)

I always read the books from O’Reilly and having the opportunity to be referenced was a dream.


Featured 3 times by Google Cloud

Sharing my experience after obtaining my first GCP Certification.

Giving my experience using Cloud Run

Sharing my two GCP certifications

Academic Experience

Deep Tech Bootcamper (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Master in Project Management (University of Barcelona, Spain), Big Data Diploma (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain), and System Engineer (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru).

Work Experience

Teaching is my passion and I’ve worked as a Assintant Professor at UPC and Trainer at CTIC UNI

Intercorp Senior Data Engineer

Helping to develop a Data Platform on Google Cloud. Somebody said BigQuery, Cloud Composer, Cloud Fusion?

BCP – Data Engineer

Excellent opportunity to help to define and develop the on-prem Big Data architecture on Cloudera. First steps with Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop and Apache Hive and all the funny animals.